LG Repair

Do you know what does LG stand for? Looking Good, after we fix it of course. Well it actually means Lucky Goldstar, but since your phone just broke, lucky wasn't exactly accurate.

Nexus 5, K8 (2017), K8 (2016), K7 (2017), K10 (2016), G6, G5, G4S H735, G4 H815, G3S Mini, G3, G2.

Battery Replaced Charging Dock/Port Front Display Screen/LCD

How it Works


Choose your model

Not the one from Victoria’s Secret please, we mean your LG, the one that just broke.


What’s wrong about it?

Screen, a button, the battery? Choose whatever you want to fix and stop worrying about it. You’ve already been through enough.


Make your repair special

You are not going fix your LG the same way as any other smartphone, right? Let’s show some class- For example, what about choosing where you want your repair to happen?


Book an hour

Decide when you want it fixed and take your time to relax, your LG is about to get fixed. Lay back and enjoy it, we can’t make it any easier.

What about our special repairs?

FREE Pick-up & Delivery

FREE Pick-up & Delivery

Moving is overrated, right? Let’s make things easier for you. Stay wherever you are and we’ll come right away to take your LG, give us some hours so we can bring it back just like you wanted it: Nice and whole.

2-hour repair

2-hour repair

We hardly think you need an explanation for this extra. But here it is: We repair your LG in just 2 hours. Before you know it, you’ll have it back just like new.

On-Site repair

On-Site repair

NinaaaNiinaa… Did you hear that? Just like an ambulance but with our team of industry certified technicians. We come to repair your LG on-site anywhere in Barcelona and surroundings.

We know what you’re thinking: Just like that? Yes, and also we use only genuine quality parts for all repairs, if it helps making up your mind.